Am Gov200 Ch 9&10

February 25th, 2011

The Preamble

The Making of America Ch 9 from Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin on Vimeo.

The Making of America Ch 9&10 from Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin on Vimeo.

Chapter 9
1. When and where was the Constitution signed?
2. What was the reaction of the people to the Constitution? Was this reaction expected?
3. Mason gave five reasons to not sign the Constitution, what were they?
4. What happened in the state ratifying conventions?
5. What are the Federalist Papers? Who wrote them? What was their purpose?
6. Why were Jefferson and John Adams not at the Convention? How did they influence the public sentiment about the constitution?
7. How did the states respond to the signing of the Constitution?
8. What right do “we the people” have that is unalienable?
9. What did John Locke say about the “divine right of Kings” to rule over the people?
10. What right do the people have to a “more perfect union”?
11. What does “Ensure domestic tranquility” mean?
12. What does “Provide for the common defense” mean?
13. What does “general welfare” mean?
14. What does “secure the blessings of Liberty” mean? What did the founders say was necessary for the continuation of these liberties?

The Making of America Ch 10 from Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin on Vimeo.

1. The first sentence of the Constitution gives us what right?
2. How many laws did the founders say we would need? Who did the founders want to look over the proposed legislation?
3. Describe the methods used to encroach on state rights.
4. What stages has the executive branch incurred in issuing “executive orders” over the years?
5. What are secret “executive agreements”?
6. How did the federal judiciary begin to make new laws?
7. What is provided in the Constitution to guard against unconstitutional activities by the Congress or the courts?
8. How was the government designed to establish balance between “the one, the few, and the many?”
9. What are the purposes of the “upper chamber” such as the US Senate?
10. Why should there be two branches in the legislature and why was this innovation considered a “miracle”?

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