Mrs. Juli Iles is my oldest daughter, who was home educated her whole life, as were my other three children.  Listen to her testimony as she encourages other young adults to pass on the heritage that they have been given in their Christian education to the next generation.

Instead of the normally dry, dull class we expect American Government to be, comments on the class include:

“…it was really interesting!  Before your class I had never liked History!  Now I really enjoy History and applying it to the present times.”  – Sierra Casteel

“…I liked this one too.  It was a lot of work, but it was still really interesting, and I learned a lot of things.” – Kayla Thomas

“..loved doing the activity…”  – Jaspen Mosley

I loved this class sooo much!  It showed me how important history really is!  I learned to ‘put this in my spirit’ and ‘make it a part of me’… Thank you so much for teaching all these classes.” – Danae Pick

You were an awesome teacher!  You made what would normally be a very dry subject exciting and come alive before our eyes!  We were so blessed to have you offer this…  I loved how you brought the Word of God into your curriculum….” – Kim Casteel

I too have enjoyed working with you. It is hard to find someone who is committed, diligent & pursues excellence in all they do. Thank you for all you have done. Our school has been richly blessed.” Anita Welsch, Principal